About Us

Welcome to Musicolony

Your music, Your friends, Anytime, Anywhere On any device.

Digital music today is all about a solitary experience.

Musicolony will change that experience for you and your friends.

We believe music is better shared with friends. We believe music is a fun social experience, music brings people together. Whether you're working out, partying, relaxing or at a concert, no matter where you are Musicolony will bring you, your friends and your music together.

Simple, Fast, Easy and best of all Free to use

Musicolony, your friends your music always at your fingertips

Here's how it works

  • Setup your personal profile at
  • Upload your music, simply drag and drop from iTunes or your digital music library (for free) to create your Music Library on
  • Play all music in your Music Library from anywhere - on any mobile device, iPad, tablet, Android phone, iPhone and most smartphones, Desktop PC or your Mac
  • Invite friends to join your Colony. When they do, you can play all the songs in your friend's Music Library, and your friends can play all the songs in your Music Library.
  • Create Playlists that play from anywhere on any Mobile device. Your Playlists can include songs from your Music Library along with songs from all the libraries of all the friends in your Music Colony.

Simple, Fast, Easy and Free