Removing A Song From A Playlist (desktop)


. Click the "PLAYLISTS" menu item on the dashboard page.

. Select the playlist that you want. - you should then see playlist information and a list of songs

. Find the Song in the list and click on the "+" for the song (on the right side of the page).

       This will display the song menu.

. Click on the add-to playlist image (add playlist handles both adding a removing songs).

       This will display button(s) showing the names of all playlists that contain this song.

. Click the "x" on the button of the playlist where the song is to be removed.

       If there is more than one button, you can click on all buttons one at a time.

. Hide the song menu by clicking the "-" for the song (where the "+" was).

. Click the "PLAYLISTS" menu item and click on the playlist that used to contain the song.

. The song should no longer be in the list.


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