Opening An Account (desktop)


. We suggest that if a new account is to be executed on a desktop machine,

      that the email address that you will use is acessible on the same machine

. Type in into your browser

. A page will come up with Sign Up, and Log in displayed. Click on "SIGN UP";

. Enter the email address that you want to use. This must be a real email address

       because you will need to use it during the signup process.

. Then click the arrow. A subpage will be displayed where you must enter your first name,

      a password, and a confirmation of that password.

. Fill in the fields and click the "Sign up" button.

. If there is an email address already on file, you do not enter a field, or your password entries don't match,

       you will get an error message. Otherwize you will see a message stating that you have been sent an email.

. Go to your email account and read the message.

. Then click on the link in the message to complete your registration.

. Assuming there are no problems, you will get a "Confirmation Sucessful" message.


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