Adding a New Song (desktop)


. Adding a song involves dragging a song from a folder on your desktop to the "Drag + Drop Songs Here"

       container at the top of the dashboard using your mouse.

       The container will light up when the song has been "dropped" correctly.

. There is a progress bar that shows the progress of the song upload. When the upload is complete,

       you should see the song in your song list.

. The process is easy but there are some things to remember:

       First, the folder must be a folder on your machine, it cannot be an internet folder.

       Second, only files with an ".mp3" or ".m4a" file type can be uploaded for now, other types will be ignored.

       Third, if you upload the same song twice, it will appear twice in your list of songs

         but you can delete one of them by clicking the song bar "+" and then clicking the delete song image.


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